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Why join ECMTA?
The European Chamber Music Teachers┬┤ Association (ECMTA, est. 2007) is an association for teachers of all institutions and all levels of music education to gather, to discuss, to share and to exchange. With almost 100 members from over 20 countries, each ECMTA meeting represents an exceptional opportunity for establishing contacts across Europe.

The ECMTA is a member of the European Music Council (EMC). As a networking organisation, we have two meetings a year. Every meeting features world-class speakers addressing issues in Pedagogy, Professional development, Repertoire, Institutional collaboration, Music marketplace innovation and Music in society. Through the Members’ Forum, all members can present their projects, curricula, repertoire and activities to an international audience. During the meetings, professors from our member universities are also teaching in masterclasses. Teaching in masterclasses in the framework of the ECMTA meetings is supported by many institutions through the Erasmus Programme, and many colleagues are able to include attendance and participation in their portfolios for career progression and advancement.

Benefits for the ECMTA members:
2 meetings a year, with no participation fee, containing:
1. Free masterclasses for the students of a member institution, given by the professors from the top universities in Europe;
2. Members Forum – platform for presenting research papers and creative projects, including PhD students of the member universities;
3. Renowned experts as key speakers in the conference;
4. Workshops from the resident ensemble or a resident artist or a composer-in-residence;
5. Performing possibilities for students – concerts organized in framework of the meetings.

The ECMTA is actively involved in the chamber music research both on academic and practitioners┬┤ level. Our members are professors of chamber music who regularly publish learning materials and papers about chamber music pedagogy. Chamber music repertoire database is under development in the cooperation with the

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We offer various membership categories:
Institutional member (membership fee 200 euros per year)
Ensemble member (120 euros per year)
Individual member (80 euros per year)
Contributing member
Associate member

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